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Magnetic drilling machines

Magnetic drilling machines



Magnetic drilling machine, 30 mm, 220 V, EU.

Magnetic drilling machine, annular cutters max. dia 30 millimeter, power supply tension 220 - 240 Volt, power supply frequency 50 - 60 Hertz, power supply connection EU plug according CEE 7/7, rotation direction clockwise.

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The Euroboor TUBE.30 magnetic core drilling machine is suitable for both flat and pipe material. The TUBE.30 with patented shallow-field magnetic technology offers incredibly strong grip, even on steel as thin as 3 mm. This magnetic core drilling machine automatically pivots to conform to any pipe of ø 76.2 mm or larger. The magnet does not require electricity, so all the power goes to the motor. This offers increased safety as the drilling machine will not release from the target material in the event of an unintentional power loss.

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Key Characteristics
The magnets can be adjusted for the best position on round and flat surfaces
Integrated slide for:
High accuracy
Enlarged lifecycle
Minimal vibration
Reversible handles which enable you to change the operation side of the feed handles in confined spaces
High precision height adjustment for:
Low maintenance
Minimal wear correction
Also available with permanent base magnet


permanent magnet
minimum diameter annular cutters (inch)1/2
minimum diameter annular cutters (mm)12
maximum diameter annular cutters (inch)1 3/16
maximum diameter annular cutters (mm)30
minimum diameter countersinking (inch)3/8
minimum diameter countersinking (mm)10
maximum diameter countersinking (inch)1 3/8
maximum diameter countersinking (mm)35
minimum diameter twist drills (inch)1/16
minimum diameter twist drills (mm)1
maximum diameter twist drills (inch)1/2
maximum diameter twist drills (mm)13
connection 1 modelinside
connection 1 size (inch)3/4
connection 1 size (mm)19.05
connection 1 typeWeldon
stroke (inch)3 9/16
stroke (mm)90
magnet length (inch)7 3/8
magnet length (mm)187
magnet width (inch)6 1/2
magnet width (mm)165
magnet height (inch)3 1/4
magnet height (mm)83
minimum height (inch)12 13/16
minimum height (mm)326
maximum height (inch)16 3/8
maximum height (mm)416
length (inch)10 13/16
height (inch)16 3/8
width (inch)7 1/4
length (L2 / mm)275
width (mm)185
height (mm)416
rotation directionclockwise
type of gear box lubricationgrease
magnetic force (kilogram)532
magnetic force (lbs)1175
electric rotation speed adjustmentno
nett weight (lbs)22.7
nett weight (kilogram)10.3
system of measurementmm (metric)
applicationcountersinking, pipe/tube mounted drilling
no-load rotation speed gear 1 (RPM)775
load rotation speed gear 1 (RPM)400
motor power (Amp)8.2
motor power (Watt)900
total power (Amp)8.6
total power (Watt)950
power supply frequency (Hz)50 - 60
power supply currentAC
power supply connectionEU plug according CEE 7/7
power supply sourcemains supply
power supply typeelectric
power supply tension (Volt)220 - 240
minimum pipe diameter (inch)3
minimum pipe diameter (mm)76
minimum material thickness (inch)1/8
minimum material thickness (mm)3

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